Saturday, 12 January 2013

Weight a minute.....

Hello ladies, HNY and all that jazz! So a new year, new start, new diet, new exercise routine.....sound familiar? Ok, ok I've joined the party and rejoined my slimming world group. It's the only 'diet' I have ever been on and successfully lost weight with. I have always had a love/hate relationship with food. I love eating but hate what it does to my waistline. I'm overweight because I eat too much of the wrong things. This is going to CHANGE. Below is a picture from New Years Eve, granted my posture isn't great but my 'LBD' has failed me and I have affectionately named this my 'fat picture'.

*I'm not looking for sympathy here I just feel if I share my picture with the whole world then it makes it kind of real and stuff.
With slimming world it's about a lifestyle choice and eating normal healthy food, with very little weighing and measuring of foods. I joined weight watchers once and remember going to bed at 7.30pm because I had run out of points and couldn't eat anything. It made me cry! But hey it works for some people. I also tried a three day diet once, that didn't work either, you basically starve for three days then eat 'normally' for the other four. I was so traumatised by the three days I made up for it in the other four and ended up gaining weight.
Some people don't understand how people can be overweight, I know deep down its got nothing to do with my great Auntie Jean on my mums side who had a massive arse. I have big arse because I eat too much and don't really exercise. Simples right? It's easier said than done mind you! Whether its a bit of holiday weight you are carrying or like me 'puppy fat' that you never quite grew out of then I can wholeheartedly recommend Slimming World as a safe effective way to lose weight and keep it off. I read somewhere once that it takes 66 days to develop a habit but I would like to change my eating habits for good! I will be checking in with you guys now and again to let you know how I'm getting on.

Have you made any changes this year or do you have any plans to be healthy this year?


Gem x