Monday, 30 April 2012


Hello ladies,

I bring style news of the upmost importance. You are going to want to hear this! Back in March I took part in a style challenge called #stylememarch on instagram. It was set up by the most stylish stylist I virtually know. Miss Hilary Rushford from Dean St Society you can read her blog here. Hilary's style mantra is very simple! It's about being the best version of yourself you can be! You don't have to have an amazing designer wardrobe, just the confidence to wear a little lipstick now and again or a really pretty nail polish. Why not rock it like a rockstar or pull off Parisian Chic with a little red hat and a stripy t-shirt. I have included some pictures from my style me march so you can see how much fun it was!

Parisian chic, (so this was actually a fancy dress party but I think I pulled it off quite well)
Dots or stripes (I went with dots as I own A LOT of clothing with polka dots)

Sexy (I couldn't go sexy for work so figured I could be sexy under my work clothes and no one would know (apart from the you know, the internet)

Here comes the really exciting part, StyleMe is back in a big way! Below is the challenge for the darling month if May, I give to you #stylememay.

So ladies get yourselves 'twirling' in whatever you fancy, like the poster says wear, try and be! Also the lovely girls I met from style me March are all taking part again so check them out on instagram using this hash tag #stylememay or follow/find us on twitter. Hilary has a list of bloggers taking part here It really is a fun experience and it's like giving your wardrobe a fresh look.
I do hope you can join us :)
Gemma xx

The Grand Old Duke of York....(with an outfit thrown in for good measure)

A few weeks ago I went to the Duke of York cinema in Brighton, I love going to the cinema but the fact that the DOY is an old fashioned cinema with loads of history it kind of makes it more fun and less commercial. You can find out the history here (if you are interested in old cinemas. :) 
Taken with instagram, you can find me on @gembig
When we arrived we were met by this lovely couple who had just got married.  I love a good wedding and this vintage one looked like it was going to be lots of fun. I love that her heart shaped bouquet matches her hair, shoes and balloons. And the Mr was in keeping with the colour scheme as his cravat and pocket hankie were red and turquoise. 

So we went to see Headhunters which was actually really good, I didn't know anything about it and we both had a moment as it started and whispered down the line ''did you know it was going to be subtitles?" oops no! But we both really enjoyed it and I found it quite similar to the Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson.
As it wasn't raining I wore my newish jeans that I keep avoiding wearing because I don't know what to wear with them. I teamed them with a navy vest and this little primark cardigan that I found a few weeks ago.  I am trying to add a bit of fun and colour into my wardrobe and trying really hard to step out of my comfort zone of boring black clothes. 
the whole outfit is from Primark
I don't have a helper/photographer/boyfriend  as such to take my photos so I'm doing the classic 'I'm trying not to look at the camera while I take my own photo in a mirror look pose'  for the next outfit post I will try enlist my housemates to help. 
And after a busy Saturday afternoon what better way to chill on the sofa and play along with the voice. Our sofa is waay to big to turn around, we found this way much more fun!! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend, what did you get up too?   

Gemma xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Beautiful Beginning...

A beautiful beginning...

It all started on a rainy Easter holidays Tuesday, I found myself in the shiny apple shop in Brighton. I love apple products. I love the smiley helpful staff and the new-ness and streamline computers, the various I products and everything else that goes with it. It's the same feeling you I get when I am in WH Smith and look at new books and stationery and get excited about a new sharpie pen colour that I don't own....Just me? 

Well anyway, I bought myself a shiny new iPad3. Yes I did! & in a Carrie Bradshaw Sex & the City kind of way I thought, new iPad, new start and a new blog. I'd like a Jennifer Hudson type assistant to turn down my invites to parties and organise my wardrobe but we aren't quite there yet.

I digress.  I have wanted to write a blog for a really long time.  I had a brief attempt at one a few years back but I felt it was more like a tamagotchi that I had to keep feeding in order to keep it alive rather than something I felt really passionate about. I want my posts to start with 'Guess what I wore on Saturday night' instead of 'I'm really sorry I haven’t posted in ages'... I read so many blogs that I love for all different reasons. In my opinion you cannot beat a blog with a good outfit post, anything to do with make and do, baking and anything that involves a new product and a bargain outfit!

Anyway this blog will be more of a place I can share pictures, (lots of pictures) thoughts and general musings of what I like and find pretty. Primrose was the name of my sisters doll when we were growing up and I like all things pretty. I'm Gemma by the way, virtual Hi coming your way! 

So if you fancy joining me get yourself comfy grab a brew and have a little peek.