Monday, 7 May 2012

My Skin and Blister (sister)

This weekend was my sisters 30th birthday. We have pretty much been celebrating for the last week. Francesca (my sister) and I haven't really been in each others' lives all that much, a combination of her heading to university at 18 meant that we haven't lived within the vicinity of each other for about 12 years. That has changed recently as she made a big move and packed up her whole life and moved from Liverpool to Brighton and now lives about 5 minutes from my house.
Birthday girl having breakfast

Now Francesca will agree with me that we haven't always got on. We did try to play nicely as children (which normally wouldn't last long) and with only 18 months between us we constantly competed. I can still remember us watching Sweet Valley High and wondering if when we were grown ups we would have an Elizabeth and Jessica type relationship. Francesca and I are just very different, which we are both learning as adults that it's no bad thing. Francesca is very tidy and extremely organised. I am neither. She will wear heels that would give most people vertigo. I am more of a flats kind of girl. She will happily wear red tights to work because they make her happy and you will normally find her talking loudly on the phone.

She is also really kind, will always send letters, she can pretty much spell everything in the dictionary. (and will often make me feel like I am sitting my English GCSE) She is one of the nicest warm hearted people I know. She is fiercely loyal to all of her friends and they mean the world to her. Since she has moved near to me I feel truly blessed that she is a daily part of my life and I get to share my grown up life with her. If we didn't get on as children we are certainly making up for it now. Elizabeth and Jessica have nothing on us!

I wanted to share some photos of her birthday weekend 5 days with you, I hope you enjoy!

Karaoke on a school night (taken at about 1.30am)
Little Red Riding Hood
Me, Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell
Prince Charming and Captin Hook

For her party night out she had a Once Upon a Time Theme....I am the pumpkin from Cinderella (Obviously). On Sunday she had a party for all her friends and our family which was lovely.
Amazing cakes and our little niece Alice, her cake fell on the floor about two seconds after this was taken. For her 30th Birthday I wanted people to make some wishes for her. So I bought 10 red balloons and everyone who came on sunday wrote wishes on luggage labels of what they wished for her. We then read the wishes and let the balloons go on the beach. This idea was inspired by a really lovely blog called I love my house. We then went down to the beach and let the balloons go so the wishes would come true. The pictures we took were inspired by my friend Anna. She writes a beautiful blog for her sisters called Skin and Blister. Check it out they have a really lovey sisterhood.
Our Grandad making a Birthday wish
This is my favourite picture of the whole weekend, she looks so happy.

We had lots of fun despite the freezing cold British weather.

Did you have a funfilled bank holiday weekend?

Gemma xxx


  1. LOVE the photo of your Granddad. Thank you for the kind words. Looks like you had a lovely time.

    So nice to be grown up friends with a sister x

  2. I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! It is so lovely. You live in Brighton my absolute favorite place!! I love it there. I would also like to say thank you for liking my pics on instagram (littlegems12), its so funny how we like similar things and on top of that have the same name!! mad. Anyway it looks like you had a fab weekend, and happy Birthday to your sister!

    take care

    gems xx

  3. This makes me wish I had a sister :)

  4. Wow! I am one very lucky lady!! My birthday was so magical and just as perfect as I imagined it to be. Primarily because you instigated the majority of it and were certainly the catalyst in many of the surprises!! I now need a new project and think that it will take me at least the 17 months and 2 days to your 30th to plan an event even half as perfect as you made mine!! Thank you Sis, it was truly amazing, and I hope my birthday wishes all come true! Love you xx

  5. 18 mo apart means you are more than 28 years? I would never have guessed! Thought you were younger than me, in a good way.

  6. Really like the new look, it is very pretty and professional which sums you up as does beautiful and brilliant. Well done a really great start to your blogging future