Friday, 2 November 2012

You stole my heart....

I'm in love with winter fashion at the moment and really wanted a faux fur stole but couldn't find one long enough, they all seem to be short collar ones or really cheap looking. I found this one in primark for a £1 and decided to get creative so I bought two and then sewed them together and voila a new winter stole to warm your heart.

I also have new winter tights that are plum that made an appearance today, I'm a little unsure about them, what do you think?
Have you bought anything wintery yet?
Gemma xxx


  1. I love the tights and the stole! :) Lovely.

  2. You are so clever with the faux fur stole DIY! I love it. My first wintry purchase - a down vest - isn't quite so elegant, but I love it all the same...

  3. I love the plum tights. I have a pair myself. I think it's a great color and you look lovely!