Saturday, 19 May 2012

Birthday fête....

This weekend I went to Bournemouth to see my very good friend Bella. Bella is totally opposite to me but I think that's what makes us such good friends, she is also the type of friend I can speak to everyday or not speak too for 6 months and we pick up exactly where we left each other. Bella and I went travelling to South East Asia a few years ago and we had the best time. Bella taught me that it's ok to make fun of yourself and that you can pretty much eat marmite with everything. So as the sun came out her boyfriend had organised an amazing surprise and turned their garden into a mini fête.
The games went down a treat, shots for the grown ups if they won and haribo prizes for the kids. It was a really fun to play these games and a lovely surprise for Bella (who is actually turning 27 but is the biggest kid I know)
I have decided to add on a little outfit post onto the end of this post as I'm not brave enough yet to dedicate a whole post to what I am wearing, so here goes.... *I haven't quite mastered the art of gracefully posing for photos yet, see below! Eyes shut, looking down and squinting, but check out this hilarious male fashion blogger Stu who has written a post on doing just this.
Head scarf home-made
Vest -New Look
Denim Shirt-Next
Jeans and Scarf -Primark

I hope you had a lovely Saturday!

Gemma xxx

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  1. Looks like you had fun!Can't beat a good fete, what a lovely idea to have one just in the back garden! And love the outfit! Soooo pretty x