Monday, 28 May 2012

A customised Cushion...

I love a good craft project, granted I'm not great at it and have been known to hem trousers using industrial parcel tape. But I do like to make and do presents for my friends, don't worry I'm not going to teach you how to make a sock bunny (although they are always fun) today's craft comes to you via a primark shopping bag.

And before you ask ladies I'm not talking about the paper brown ones that inevitably break as soon as you leave because 'you only popped in for black tights and seem to have bought three tops, two pairs of jeans and a pack of hair bobbles and forgot 120 denier tights' . I'm talking about the cotton ones that you have to buy when the paper ones break. They normally have quite cool patterns on like this.

So it is a cool shopping bag but it does say primark on it. So I thought I would make it into a cushion for my friend. Here is a step by step guide on how to make it.
To make it look more fun I sewed buttons onto the headlights and wing mirrors. As the bag has patterns on both sides I mixed up the colours. As the number plate said Primark I used one of thd handles and sewed Bella on each piece and then sewed it too the bag.

Once you have done this cut down the side of the bag (neater than I did) so you have pieces like this.
I then pinned the edges along each side like this
I then used a sewing machine to sew down all four sides, I sewed the sides inside out.
Once you have sewn each side leave a small gap to add your stuffing and fill your cushion. I used some stuffing that I already had but it should be available in all good haberdashery shops (ALWAYS wanted to say that)
Ok so here is where my craft skills come into question. Once you have stuffed your cushion you will be left with a gap, as I'm not great at craft I don't really know what to do here other than to hand stich it which is what I did. It's not great but I did it at the bottom so I figure no-one will see. (Shh don't tell anyone) If there are any budding crafters reading this then please let me know how to do this bit.

And here is the finished cushion....Ta-dah
Oh and proper Blue Peter moment but here is one I made earlier.
Same technique and a canvas bag from primark.

I would love to know what you think?

Gemma xx


  1. These cushions look fantastic!
    I really loved the idea of making use of the bags :-)

  2. Hi there,

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    Thanks so much!

  3. Hey, I've nominated you for the liebster blog award!
    Check out my blog for more info!
    Hope you had a nice holiday.
    Take care
    Gems xx

  4. Hello! Just funnily enough found your blog via Musings of a Gem blog then Gem at Love and Life, and you are a Gemma and I am a Gemma, I know...weird! I was just blog hopping around (as you do) and found your blog!
    Love your bag makeover, I instagramed a pic of the exact same bag with plans to "customise" it, and haven't quite got around to it haha but I never thought of turning it into a cushion so I might just do that!
    Anyway, I shall be your new follower, so I'll pop back soon!
    From one Gem to another! (via two other Gems!)
    xx Gem

  5. great idea! im going to do that!

  6. I love this you are so clever, I knew there was a reason I was keeping all my odd buttons!